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No historical object has been scientifically so intensively studied. No historical object is so controversial.

Was it really "our" Jesus, who lay under the Shroud?

Will the Turin Shroud turn out to be the cloth mentioned in Mark's Gospel: "Joseph bought a linen cloth, took Him down [from the cross], wrapped Him in the linen cloth and laid Him in a tomb which had been hewed out of the rock" ?

Or is it an ingenious forgery from the Middle Ages?

Presentation of the C14 results

The results of radiocarbon dating in 1988 seem to allow no other conclusion: The date of origin of the cloth was determined to be the years between 1260-1390.

But other results speak for authenticity!

Here are some examples:

Anatomical accuracy

More than a dozen forensic scientists have examined the image on the cloth. All came to the conclusion that it must be the real image of a crucified man, for even the smallest anatomical details exactly match reality. But the crucifixion as a punishment was abolished since the time of Emperor Constantine (306 -337 AD).

For example, the nails were not driven through the palm, but through a gap in the carpal bones. The palm would have torn because of the weight.

Real Blood - no brush strokes - image substance does not consist of color pigments

Real Blood - no brush strokes - image substance does not consist of color pigments

"We can conclude for now that the Shroud image is that of a real human form of a scourged, crucified man. It is not the product of an artist. The blood stains are composed of hemoglobin and also give a positive test for serum albumin. The image is an ongoing mystery and until further chemical studies are made ... the problem remains unsolved."

(STURP final report of 1978)

Arrival of the cloth in Constantinople (miniature 11th century)

Pilgrims medal (Lirey 1357)

History dates back to ancient times

To this day, every year on the 16th of August, the Orthodox Church celebrates the transfer of the "image, not made by hands“ from Edessa to Constantinople (Acheiropoieta), which took place in 944. Upon arrival in 944, an examination of the cloth confirmed that it was a complete shroud and not just the image of a face. This "Shroud of Constantinople" was the most important relic of Byzantium times until it was stolen during the sacking of Constantinople in 1204 by the Crusaders. Was it a coincidence that it was the widow of a knight, who exhibited a shroud with the same characteristics in 1357 in Lirey, France - today's Shroud of Turin?

But if the Turin Shroud was a real shroud, why must it have been the historical Jesus lying under the cloth and not any other human being? During the Roman Empire many people were crucified!

All the marks on the cloth correlate exactly with the Passion reports. If only one detail did not correlate, for example, a battered lower leg instead of spear wound in the side, the case could be closed immediately. And indeed, a number of other clues point directly to Jesus. In a court trial, the Turin Shroud would almost certainly win the case for originality, on the basis of circumstantial evidence.

How might the image have been formed?

An energy steered chemical process

Most researchers are convinced that energy coming out of the body was responsible for the creation of the body image onto the cloth. How could this happen in the case of a corpse? Was the image caused by some ‘energy flash’ during the resurrection, as many religious people suggest? Or may the hardly imaginable claim of forensic scientists just possibly be true, namely that the Man of the Shroud was not dead. Was this energy the result of body heat caused by a living body?

A thread in the area of ​​the image under the microscope. The image substance (yellow) is a thin layer around the threads. (C) Rogers

Was Jesus not dead as he lay in the tomb?

Was Jesus entombed while still alive? That would be a surprising discovery with far-reaching consequences indeed.

Rodney Hoare describes in his book "The Turin Shroud is Genuine" how he went to a group of forensic experts with enlarged Shroud photos in order to find out the cause of death. After the team had deliberated for a long time, he received the answer that the man under the cloth must have been still alive.

Can such matters be clarified by modern science?

Research provides the results of observations and experiments as well as the interpretations and hypotheses of researchers. These are, in the case of the Turin Shroud, contradictory.

Some forensic scientists, as Christian believers, assume that the man of the shroud was of course dead: firstly the Bible tells us so and secondly no one can survive such an ordeal with these injuries. In any event, a Roman execution commando could not have been deceived in such a way. This sounds plausible.

On the other hand, there are coroners, who claim that there is a lot of evidence pointing to a living body, and none that could indicate the body was dead: Too much blood for a corpse, no evidence of rigor mortis which should have already begun at death on the cross, and more.

Bloodstains from the nail wound on the hand

Bloodstains („Blutbahn“ on the photo) 1 and 2 can have formed only on the cross - due to location and direction. (1) is long and narrow, (2) wide and irregular. While (2) was formed, apparently the man had moved his arms repeatedly, while (1) was formed he must have been motionless and therefore unconscious. Had he been dead during this time on the cross, there would be no bloodstain (1) due to the lack of blood pressure. The nail wound was at the highest point of the body – it is impossible that a corpse could bleed in such a way.

What should one believe if even the experts do not agree?

If one is genuinely interested in this matter, there seems to be no alternative to examining the evidence and opinions and to form one’s own conclusion. That is the purpose of this book. It contains the newest state of research with multiple pictures, and includes ‘behind the scenes’ disputes, allowing the reader to make up their own mind. In particular the circumstances around the disputed C14-dating are described in great detail.

The Turin Shroud is a very remarkable object

This book documents how the investigation of the Turin cloth reflects a criminal case. A moving, incredible drama must have happened, which still moves humanity today. It almost seems as if the historical Jesus himself reports back today, as he did to doubting Thomas then, and says to us: "Put your finger on my pierced hands! Give me your hand and put it into the wound on my side! "(Gospel of John ch. 20)

For whom is this book written?

For professionals

Anyone who deals professionally with Jesus, (theologians, pastors, etc.) should know this information about the Turin Shroud. Perhaps not all what that research has brought to light will please the reader, yet the center of the Christian religion is an historical event, and independently of what we believe about it, the facts are the facts. The Turin Shroud provides important and objective information. Historical events can be examined scientifically, as long as there is evidence that can be examined. Such evidence can be historical objects as well as ancient scriptures. It is indeed a great stroke of fortune that the Shroud of Jesus has been preserved over the centuries allowing us, like Thomas, to see, ‘touch’ and objectively investigate the events in the Golgotha tomb. The Turin Shroud clearly offers the possibility of reconciliation between science and faith.

For those seeking to find out what historically happened

Initially, this can have nothing to do with faith, as it would be a pre-interpretation of evidence. A healthy faith cannot be afraid of questions, it should look, ‘touch’ and ask the questions that allow it to stand on the ground of historical reality.

Faced with a new discovery, the reader is challenged, an openness is required that allows true and unbiased evaluation of what has been found, measured and tested. Who already claims to know the outcome, will not bother to look at something new. But as in the time of Jesus, sometimes new insights appear where nothing has been anticipated.

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The research results

The history of the cloth
Why was it Jesus?
How was the image formed?
The C14 - dating fraud
Why was the man still alive

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Consequences for the faith

Formation of the Religion
Approaching the "real God"
The Spirituality of Jesus

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Here is what readers wrote

“A few weeks ago, I was on a trip through Piedmont and had the opportunity to view the Shroud "Sacra Sindone". I had already read a lot and had researched on the internet about it and was totally confused by the many theories and the various attempts at an explanation.
Being a great doubter and a critic of the Catholic Church, I tended to support the viewpoint that it can not be Jesus Christ. For some people, just viewing the shroud made it quite clear to them that it must be Jesus ... for me, nothing was clear ..... but I was fascinated. The subject gave me no peace and I wanted to know more, so I bought this book and read it through in one lunch time!
The book is well written and reads like a detective novel. The subject is illuminated from different scientific disciplines, and evidence for or against a theory, is explained in a credible and understandable manner. To be honest, I wanted more evidence as to why the man can not be Jesus, but to my great astonishment, I am now convinced of the opposite!
When I weigh up all the various aspects, the idea that Jesus was not miraculously resurrected as a smoke or energy-flash, appeals to me much more than anything else. A person like you or me, who has done great things, gives others hope that we humans can also do great things without the need of magical divine power or miracles to make a difference in this world.
I thank Dr. Felzmann that through his book, he has brought me closer to Jesus than the (Catholic) Church ever did!”

“I am not a reader of books with golden crosses on the cover. The Turin Shroud is just another of, oh so many dusty fragments, bones, saints, bleeding statues and gold crosses left over after 2000 years of power struggles, punishment and promises of heaven. What a thinking person can hope and even imagine is that there is a Creator, ...but that the Catholic church is the representative of the Eternal Truth on earth? No. Sorry.... Dr. Felzmann's book, describes the possible travels of the shroud. He has carefully researched and presents the story of the shroud in a way that even a non scientific minded reader can follow. It seems reasonably proven that the man in the shroud was still alive as he lay in the tomb. Was the man Jesus? Possibly, but what the author points to, as he develops the evidence, point after point, is the real possibility that the historical Jesus was not dead as he was taken from the cross. What are the consequences? Jesus is for the author much more real and believable than a mystical 'offering lamb'. He is teacher and example of another way to those who want to believe in a Creator who is involved in history, without having to cease thinking. In this age of Wikileaks Dr. Felzmann's book reads like a real leak, a step in a direction that will one day possibly bring sense to those who are tired of the mysteries and illogicalities that the 'universal church' calls truth. We need more honest and carefully presented 'Churchleaks' like this book. I'm looking forward to the next one”.

“One assumes that Jesus had died on the cross and does not question this. The idea that Jesus may have survived the crucifixion badly injured irritated me a lot at first. But this stumbling block sets off an avalanche, which blows away old faith debris and enables a vision of new ways of faith… I am glad that now I can, as Christian, belief differently -- with a pure conscience.”

"The author writes scientifically sound but in a way that the reader can draw his own conclusions. A delicate subject handled seriously, but a casual style of writing makes it easy to read. The message of the resurrection of Jesus gets massively unhinged. Despite or even therefore it is worth reading also for devout Christians. The book can be red fluently, indeed it is almost unputdownable. For all those interested in this subject, surely an absolutely recommendable reading”.

"The author himself puts it in a nutshell: Our growing knowledge about the beginnings of Christianity together with the growing findings through Shroud-research creates a new situation out of which the process that has once defined the "Christian faith" should be reviewed. The book "New Light on Jesus" takes the first step in that direction: a difficult, complex issue that is illuminated very comprehensively and diligently, but written in an easily understandable way thus entertaining also for non-specialists. Therefore it is a valuable, exciting reading not only for theologians, but also and especially for those who are generally interested in culture, art and religious history!"

"Dr. Helmut Felzmann's book compiles very convincing scientific evidence that the shroud of Turin image was formed within natural laws. He describes many forensic studies of the man of the shroud images. He presents convincing evidence that the man of the shroud image was alive when the image was formed. A warm body and the image Raymond Rogers Maillard reaction mechanism is shown to be a valid mechanism for forming the shroud image.

His book ranks as one of the most important scientific Shroud-books along with the 1902 Paul Vignon "The Shroud of Christ", the 1998 Rodney Hoare, 'The Turin Shroud is Genuine "and the 2008 Raymond Rogers "A Chemist's Perspective on The Shroud of Turin". Together they document a probable mechanism following natural laws for the shroud image formation".

The author

Helmut Felzmann, Ph.D., has for over 35 years been involved in research on the Turin Shroud. He is a member of the Shroud Science Group, a global group of some 100 scientists from different fields, who exchange their views on this object.

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